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‘Severance’ MDR Terminal GFX/UI
Personal Project / Fan Art

Design, animations, and compositing.

Rebuilt the computer interface found in Severance on AppleTV+ in After Effects.

Personal project I had to do because the work is mysterious and important. The project is mostly templated to be customized. It’s a free-time work-in-progress.

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More Details

  • UI layout in Sketch and used AEUX to bring it into After Effects.

  • Created a single path animation for the Lumon globe logo start-up screen.

  • Created a 3D file Rolodex with customizable file and folder counts, easy renaming/re-ordering, and a customizable start point.
  • Created animation triggers with markers.

  • Customizable "scary number" selection with paths.

  • Built number grid with Maxon Red Giant Trapcode Particular Form.
  • Composited the screen elements on a photo of the MDR terminal.

  • Control the levels of stats (the ones that pop up), and AE does the math to update the other number percentages.

  • Wrote endless expressions & relied heavily on AE Global Renamer 2.

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