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LEVI’S® 501 Denim Napkin
Parody Commercial

Wiping your hands on your jeans is more effective than an average napkin… so, why not make a denim napkin?

Based on:
LIVE IN LEVI'S® - Just Don't Bore Them’ campaign

Fun fact:
This video made the rounds through LEVI’S® offices and some employees thought it was real.

Written, Produced, & Directed By:
Tom Brink, Keele Howard-Stone, Blake Horn, & Zeke Spector

Blake Horn︎︎︎

Edited By:
Zeke Spector︎︎︎

Anna Cain, Babe Parker, Ben Rosen, Carmen Lagala, Casey James Salengo, Claire Parker, Drew Dowdey, Emma Willmann, Erica Spera, Evan Williams, Farah Brook, Jordan Raybold, Jordan Temple, Keele Howard-Stone, Liz Magee, Melissa Stokoski, Menhuin Hart, Paul Schissler, Sue Smith, Sydnee Washington, Tom Brink.

Music generously provided by
The Fucking Eagles︎︎︎

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